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Train the mind; the body will follow

-Robert Jones


How Can I Serve you?

"Health is Wealth"

Online/Direct Coaching

If getting to the gym isn't necessarily a problem, but you don't really know what to do once you are there....then direct coaching is for you.

Weekly Group Fitness Membership

If you're in need of extra motivation to keep you moving throughout the week, or if you just need extra training to add on to your training week....come meet us!!

1 on 1 Training

If you have have a very specific goal you are trying to achieve, but you lack the clarity and motivation to  get started, 1 on 1 sounds like your fit. You need a plan that's tailored to YOU in every way. Set up a consultation to get the started.

Virtual Training

Need a trainer, but time and distance is in your way? Sounds like you need flexibilty. Virtual Training & Online Coaching would be your fix. Book a consultation today.

The "Why"

"Health comes first, the fit frame is awesome by-product".                                            -Porcha T.

From losing my mother to cancer, birthing my daughter, to suffering health complications myself, I knew that breaking the generational curse and canceling the predispositions had to happen. As a former athlete, I've always been into fitness, the health side just took a minute to develop. After doing tons of research to heal myself and the future of my family, I'd feel even better extending this to my community as well. I'd love to help everyone to become informed, to get healthy and fit, all while enjoying it. Welcome to Leveeside Health and Fitness, allow me to serve you.



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